Sports Wrestling Rey Mysterio's child discloses exactly how she absolutely really felt after assaulting...

Rey Mysterio’s child discloses exactly how she absolutely really felt after assaulting Murphy with kendo sticks on RAW

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The most recent episode of RAW featured one of the best feel-good minutes of the year as the Mysterio family penalized Murphy generally occasion of the show.

Dominik encountered Murphy in a Street Fight on RAW, as well as the young WWE Superstar had his family at ringside. Rey Mysterio’s child Aalyah, as well as spouse Angie, got involved in the match as they let loose a collection of kendo stick strikes on an stable Murphy.

The backstage meeting after RAW

The Mysterio clan opened on the active closing to RAW throughout a backstage section complying with the episode.

Rey Mysterio asked Angie to share her ideas first as she was influenced one of the most by Seth Rollins as well as Murphy’s strike on Dominik.

Angie talked in Spanish, as well as Rey Mysterio converted it by stating that she was in a whole lot of discomfort when she saw Dominik obtaining attacked a couple of weeks back.

Rey Mysterio: “I’m going to pass over the first few words to my wife because she was the one who was boiling when she saw Dominik get hit with kendo sticks by Seth and Murphy. So, I’m sure she felt some sort of satisfaction.

She felt a lot of pain after she saw Dominik get beat up by kendo sticks by Seth and Murphy. So Murphy deserved what he got tonight.”

Mysterio’s child after that discussed entering the WWE ring for the remarkable moment on RAW. Aalyah liked pounding Murphy with the Kendo Sticks as well as really felt outstanding regarding ultimately having Dominik’s back.

Aalyah: “Oh man, It was good, it definitely felt really good getting back for Dom because watching at home and just feeling like, ‘Oh, I can’t do anything about it you know’, and it was like, going today and being able to be in the ring was like, hitting him with those kendo sticks was like awesome. I loved it.”

Dominik after that reduced a strong discount by sharing exactly how honored he was to have his family by his side on RAW.

Dominik: “Yeah, the past couple of weeks have been surreal, but you know, I’ve been doing everything with my dad but being able to have my mom and my sister and my whole family here makes it, it’s a blessing, and I wouldn’t change it for the world. So, I’m very grateful, but at the end of the day, he got what he deserved, and there is more coming.”

Rey Mysterio ended the meeting by specifying that Murphy was entitled to the pounding which they can not wait to get their hands on Seth Rollins.

Rey: “You know Murphy, he put up a fight tonight, but you can tell the difference when he doesn’t have his Monday Night Messiah next to him. He gave into us and like I mentioned to you Sarah; we know how to handle ourselves. We took care of business tonight, and we can wait to get out hands on Seth.”

The Mysterios do not appear to be finished with the fight right now as they still have some incomplete business with Seth Rollins, that was no place to be seen on RAW.

Published 08 Sep 2020, 11:09 IST

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