E-news Celebrity Mr P narrates ordeal after himself and family tested postive to Covid-19

Mr P narrates ordeal after himself and family tested postive to Covid-19

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Mr P of defunct Psquare have narrated his ordeal in the hands of deadly novel coronavirus which took over his family in recent weeks.

Though they have tested negative, but he confessed on how hehad to be isolated in his own house.

Here’s a transcript of a video he posted on Instagram below

“Hey, guys how are you all doing? Just want to let you guys know that for the past three weeks I have been sick. I have been ill and most people didn’t even know what was wrong with me. I kept it to myself for three weeks. Its been three weeks of hell for me and my family. I had Covid-19 for about 3 weeks. For those who noticed I was in my room during my draw instead of my usual location. I was self-isolated, I was imprisoned in my own house and it was just me, I was sick and I tested positive.


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