Tech SEO Google Adds Support for Regional Video Structured Data

Google Adds Support for Regional Video Structured Data

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Google has launched support for a structured data property for Videos referred to as, regionsAllowed. The structured data property permits a writer to inform Google that a video is restricted to a area.

regionsAllowed Structured Data Property

A structured data property is a method to inform a search engine what the attributes and relationships are of a factor.

This new structured data property is a half of the VideoObject structured data sort.

A structured data TYPE is a method to label what sort of information is being communicated.

So, with with the VideoObject structured data sort, we’re telling the various search engines that this structured data script is about a Video.

Screenshot of Video Rich Results in Images and Discover

Screenshot of video rich results in Google Images and Google Discover

The regionsAllowed structured data property is supposed to outline what areas a video is supposed for. A search engine can use that information, for instance, to restrict what areas to show a wealthy result about a specific video.

Screenshot of Video Rich Results in regular Search and in Google Discover

Screenshot of video rich results in Google Search and Google Video Search

The regionsAllowed structured data property impacts these varieties of search outcomes:

  • Organic search outcomes
  • Video search outcomes
  • Google pictures
  • Google uncover

How Defines regionsAllowed Structured Data Property

This is how the regionsAllowed structured data property is outlined by


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“The regions where the media is allowed. If not specified, then it’s assumed to be allowed everywhere. Specify the countries in ISO 3166 format.”

How Google Defines regionsAllowed Structured Data

Google’s definition of regionsAllowed structured data is analogous to the one supplied by

“The regions where the video is allowed. If not specified, then Google assumes the video is allowed everywhere. Specify the countries in ISO 3166 format”

Is regionsAllowed Structured Data Required?

There are two varieties of structured data properties for the needs of wealthy outcomes like featured snippets.

  1. Required properties
  2. Recommended properties


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Required properties are completely obligatory.

Recommended properties ought to solely be used whether it is acceptable.

regionsAllowed is a “recommended property.” That means you don’t need to use it until there’s an precise motive for it.

The VideoObject structured data will nonetheless validate whether or not you utilize the regionsAllowed property or not.

When to Use regionsAllowed Structured Data

Only use the regionsAllowed property for those who want to restrict the areas the place a wealthy result may be proven.

For instance, for those who have completely different movies for various areas, then you may label every video with a completely different area.

If it doesn’t matter what nation the video is for then don’t use the regionsAllowed structured data.

How to Use regionsAllowed Structured Data

The method to add a regionsAllowed property is to simply drop it in to the end of present code like this:


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"regionsAllowed": "US"

The above code is for the United States area.

This is what it appears like for the United Kingdom area (GB):

"regionsAllowed": "GB"

Those two letter nation abbreviations are the ISO 3166 nation codes that and Google recommends to use.

regionsAllowed is a Useful Addition to Video Structured Data

The new support for the regionsAllowed property shall be helpful to publishers who want to management how movies show in search outcomes and wealthy outcomes all over the world.

This provides publishers more management in how Google makes use of their data.


Google VideoObjects Structured Data Developers Page

List of ISO 3166 Country Codes Page About of regionsAllowed Property Page About VideoObject Type

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