Politics DHS, FBI rebut reports concerning hacked citizen data on Russian discussion forum

DHS, FBI rebut reports concerning hacked citizen data on Russian discussion forum

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The Michigan Department of State tweeted a response before DHS’s Cybersecurity as well as Infrastructure Security Agency as well as the FBI did. “Public voter information in Michigan and elsewhere is available to anyone through a FOIA request,” the feedback states. “Our system has not been hacked.”

Ioffe subsequently acknowledged the Michigan feedback, but by after that the initial tweet had spread extensively. “A lot of it has been floating around for a while,” she wrote, referring to the citizen data, including that “it’s just unclear what these hackers are using it for.”

Multiple news outlets also wrote concerning the Russian journalists’ discoveries, albeit before Ioffe tweeted concerning it.

Context: The CISA as well as FBI declaration is consistent with what they have said this election season.

It also straightens with the comments of assistants of state last week, with Kentucky Secretary of State Michael Adams informing the House Homeland Security Committee that cyberpunks were “rattling our doorknobs” but there have not been any type of violations.

What’s next: “My main takeaway: it’s going to be critical over the next few months to maintain our cool and not spin up over every claim,” tweeted CISA Director Chris Krebs “The last measure of resilience is the American Voter.”

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