Tech SEO Bing Announces Enhanced Robots. txt Testing Tool -

Bing Announces Enhanced Robots. txt Testing Tool –

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Bing revealed an boostedRobots txt tester device. The device loads an vital need because obtaining a robots.txt wrong can result in unforeseen SEO results. Producing a excellent robots.txt documents is necessary as well as a top top priority for SEO.

A robots.txt documents is a documents that informs online search engine spiders what to do as well as refrain from doing on a internet site. A robots.txt documents is one of minority methods a author can work out control over online search engine.

Screenshot of Bing Robots txt Testing Tool

Screenshot of Bing robots.txt tester tool

Even if you do not need to block a search spider, it’s still vital to have one in order to not produce a unnecessary 404 mistake log symbols.


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Mistakes on a Robots txt documents can result in online search engine creeping web pages they should not be indexing.

Unintended access in a robots.txt documents can also result in websites not ranking because they are mistakenly obstructed.

Errors in a robots.txt documents are a usual source of search ranking troubles. That’s why it is so vital that Bing’s boosted robots.txt tester device

Be Proactive withRobots txt Testing as well as Diagnostics

Publishers can currently be positive regarding assessing as well as checking theirRobots txt data.

Testing to see exactly how a search spider reacts to a robots.txt as well as identifying feasible issues are necessary attributes that can assist a author’s SEO.

This device can also be practical for search bookkeeping specialists to assist them recognize feasible issues that need dealing with.


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Bing’s brand-new device loads an vital need, as defined by Bing:

“While robots exclusion protocol gives the power to inform web robots and crawlers which sections of a website should not be processed or scanned, the growing number of search engines and parameters have forced webmasters to search for their robots.txt file amongst the millions of folders on their hosting servers, editing them without guidance and finally scratching heads as the issue of that unwanted crawler still persists.”

These are the activities that the Bing robots.txt device takes to provide workable information:

  1. Analyze robots.txt
  2. Identify troubles
  3. Guides authors via the bring as well as posting procedure.
  4. Checks allow/disallow declarations

According to Bing:

“The Robots.txt tester helps webmasters to not only analyse their robots.txt file and highlight the issues that would prevent them from getting optimally crawled by Bing and other robots; but, also guides them step-by-step from fetching the latest file to uploading the same file at the appropriate address.

Webmasters can submit a URL to the robots.txt Tester tool and it operates as Bingbot and BingAdsBot would, to check the robots.txt file and verifies if the URL has been allowed or blocked accordingly.”

A beneficial feature of the robots.txt tester device is that it shows 4 variations of the robots.txt in the editor that match to the unconfident as well as safe variation of with as well as without the WWW prefix, i.e.


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  • http://
  • https://
  • http://www
  • https://www.

Read the main statement:

Bing Webmaster Tools Makes it Easy to Edit as well asVerify Your Robots txt

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