Sports Wrestling Best & Worst WWE Survivor Series Team Names of All Time

Best & Worst WWE Survivor Series Team Names of All Time

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Before Survivor Series turned “the one time in the year where Raw and SmackDown (and NXT) go head to head in competition” it used to be simply an event with random teams in opposition to one another.

The enchantment was the pairings themselves, slightly than some massive score card. It was an period the place six-man tag crew matches and the like weren’t staples of every TV episode rattling close to each week.

Among the sequence of uninteresting “Team Cena” and “Team Alicia Fox” and such, as nicely as an onslaught of teams with not even that name, we’ve had some nice gems. Some of them have been legitimately superior, while others have been so laughably silly that it’s exhausting to hate them, figuring out what period they have been in.

I’m feeling nostalgic, so I made a decision to look back and present to you my favorites of these ridiculous and/or wonderful crew names from WWE’s past, as nicely as some of absolutely the worst, in chronological order.


BEST = The Dream Team (1989 / 1990)

Back in 1989, Dusty Rhodes had a crew known as The Dream Team that he carried over into 1990. In 1989, he was flanked by Brutus Beefcake, Tito Santana and The Red Rooster. For 1990 (pictured above) he had The Hart Foundation and Koko B. Ware.

Like with every little thing else on this list, this isn’t essentially concerning the best/worst teams themselves, but the best/worst crew names.

Frankly, having The American Dream have a Dream Team is so good that I’m stunned WWE didn’t find a means to not do it, simply to keep away from how logical it was, because the firm appears to go out of its means not to do apparent issues generally.

BEST = The 4×4’s vs. The King’s Court (1989)

The 4×4’s of Hacksaw Jim Duggan, Bret Hart, Ronnie Garvin and Hercules is so dangerous that it’s good. It’s like your lame dad’s tacky softball crew name or one thing. The indisputable fact that all of them had them carry the 2x4s is what sealed the deal to make it a good name.

The King’s Court is simply excellent for Macho King Randy Savage. That name all the time works nicely when somebody has a king gimmick and surrounds themselves with servants and associates. Earthquake, Greg Valentine and Dino Bravo don’t have to be decked out in regal gear for it to nonetheless work.

WORST = Roddy’s Rowdies vs. The Rude Brood (1989)

Awful. Both are so terrible. Yikes.

Roddy’s Rowdies is definitely a respectable themed crew as far as the people inside it. Jimmy Snuka is an eccentric sufficient character and The Bushwhackers have been actually oddballs. Led by Rowdy Roddy Piper, that group is sensible. But the crew name is atrocious. Why not The Rowdy Bunch?

Rude Brood is simply lazy. They might have gone with Rude Awakening, too.

WORST = The Ultimate Warriors (1989)

The Ultimate Warriors have been made up of Ultimate Warrior (duh) together with The Rockers (Marty Jannetty and Shawn Michaels) as nicely as Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart.

What the hell made Jannetty, Michaels and Neidhart “ultimate warriors” on this image? Why don’t they at the least have their faces painted?!

They don’t even match colours if you throw Neidhart in there! At most, you’ll be able to argue that they’re all carrying some type of pink to match him, but Anvil couldn’t be bothered to seize a inexperienced tassel and put it on his wrist or one thing to match them?

Any of these teams of “The ____” the place it’s just a few man’s name and there’s no justification are all equally dangerous. The Hulkamaniacs of simply Hulk Hogan with some random people, as an example, is equally uninspired. But I needed to pinpoint this so I might call consideration to how Ultimate Warriors was achieved the right means the very next year.

BEST = The Warriors (1990)

Now that is what I’m speaking about. This really is sensible they usually don’t even need to match. Granted, it might have been cooler in the event that they did, but there’s at the least a justification behind this.

You’ve got Ultimate Warrior, Road Warrior Hawk, Road Warrior Animal and Texas Tornado, who once went by the moniker “The Modern Day Warrior” in WCCW.

That’s the way you make a crew name make sense. Plus, for extra measure, you’ve got a essential eventer, a midcarder, and a tag crew. That’s equally balanced.

BEST = The Perfect Team (1990)

Mr. Perfect had to have The Perfect Team, right? It doesn’t matter who he was teaming with, as that was the best name doable for a crew that he’s main.

Granted, figuring out that he has Demolition by his side, I feel they might have gone a step additional. Mr. Perfect teaming with Ax, Crush and Smash might have been one thing like Perfect Destruction.

WORST = Shawn Michaels and His Knights (1993)

Originally, The Hart Family was scheduled to face Jerry “The King” Lawler and his knights. Then, Lawler was fired, so Shawn Michaels randomly stepped in to fill that void.

Had HBK been given companions that fit his theme, this may not have been so dangerous. But for him to be given knights, it made no sense. Even worse, they didn’t even hassle altering the name to one thing that would work. They simply said that The Heartbreak Kid randomly had knights.

This is maybe the worst name on this list as it’s not simply not good, it virtually goes out of its means to be dangerous.

BEST = All Americans vs Foreign Fanatics (1993)

This is about as primary as you’ll be able to get and it really works so, so nicely…minus two hiccups.

It’s positively unusual to see The Undertaker in a crew of All Americans. He’s from Texas, but we’re not likely supposed to know that at that point. Technically, he’s billed from Death Valley, but he’s otherworldly. Plus, it simply goes in opposition to his gimmick and the American flag liner was simply ridiculous.

Crush is also from the United States, as he’s from Hawaii. However, perhaps you want to stretch it a bit and say that that’s outside the continental United States and he’s a turncoat anyway as he’s a heel and aligned with Yokozuna and firm.

In concept, it might have been better, but the ideas behind the teams are nonetheless rock stable.

BEST = The Royal Family (1994)

I really feel like I need to remind once more that this isn’t the best teams, simply the best names/gimmicks. Obviously, Jerry Lawler teaming with Cheesy, Queasy and Sleazy is by no means a crew anybody would want to guess on.

However, “The Royal Family” is ideal. They might have copped out and gone with “The King and His Knights” from the previous year’s detour, but they upped the ante with a better name.

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