Politics Nigeria Barrister Umohinyang: ‘Placing visa ban on Nigerian politicians is hypocritical from the...

Barrister Umohinyang: ‘Placing visa ban on Nigerian politicians is hypocritical from the US, UK’

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There have been also bulletins of visa restrictions for state actors who rigged previous elections in Nigeria.

President of the Center for Leadership and Justice, Barrister Emmanuel Umohinyang, says the U.S. and UK are simply being intelligent by half with their declarations.

“While we admit that our friends in the west are here to help us grow our democracy, it is hypocritical of these two countries to continue to create an impression that it is only by election rigging that things are turned upside down in our country,” he said.

Umohinyang says the west must be more fearful concerning the wanton looting of Nigeria and the stashing of such funds overseas or in offshore accounts.

“When you set visa ban on politicians who rig, that’s good. But how do you then justify conserving your yard as a place for warehousing looted funds?

“They ought to also place bans on those that steal our frequent patrimony and warehouse of their nation. I anticipate the American authorities that’s in custody of our a number of thousands and thousands of {dollars} stolen by politicians, to wield the massive stick.


“So, you want to place a visa ban on election riggers, but you might be comfortable with conserving looted funds of these identical politicians in your nation?!

“We had a state of affairs within the recent past, the place a sure former Prime Minister of the British referred to Nigeria as fantastically corrupt. He was saying this when the Ghana-Must-Go bag of looted funds was simply behind him, kept by Nigerian politicians.

“So, it’s hypocritical of them to proceed to throw this at us, when the true factor is with them. They ought to place visa ban on anyone that steals a kobo from Nigeria and never simply on election rigging.

“We ought to go past election rigging and begin to inform politicians that the period the place you steal and go free is over. I agree that visa ban may send some message, but it’s not sufficient.

“Election is of course an inner politics of a nation, but it’s okay if you happen to decide to use an instrument of visa, which is their right on who they offer their visa to. But we’re saying that you have to go past this. We have a number of billions of {dollars} in these international locations. They are making monies from it, pursuits are being drawn from the monies.

“Even when they choose to return these monies, they do so with huge conditions, as though you are giving us loans. So, we must begin to tell these countries that yes, we appreciate the visa ban on riggers, but we’ll be more comfortable if you can place this visa ban on those who have stolen our common patrimony. And I think that’s the way to go,” the lawyer added.

The United States just lately repatriated $311 million Sani Abacha loot to Nigeria. There have been a host of such restitutions to Nigeria within the last decade.

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