Politics Analysis: 63 secs that reveals why Trump politicizing mask-wearing is so, so...

Analysis: 63 secs that reveals why Trump politicizing mask-wearing is so, so devastating

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* “I have a hard time understanding people when they talk, so that’s why I don’t wear it.”

* “Because there’s no Covid. It’s a fake pandemic created to destroy the United States of America.”

* “I am not wearing a mask because I had my temperature taken already and I’m not sick.”

* “Why am I not wearing a mask? I am not wearing a mask or a couple different reasons. Mainly because a lot of the numbers that have come out on coronavirus are not as big as — … the media makes them a lot bigger than they actually are … one other reason is that I’m very young and people who are here, coronavirus is a very serious issue…”

* “Part of it, I’m not really worried about it. Because the death rate for this is pretty low unless you have low immunities.”

* “Why? Because it really doesn’t do anything really. These little things? *pulls out mask* This is the worst pandemic in the world and a little mask? A little mask? This protects you from the world’s deadliest and serious virus that ruined our economy? We have to wear this?”

* “To me there isn’t as big of a concern as it really is. If everybody’s afraid of it, you could die in a car crash. I mean heart disease is one of the leading killers in the country, no one has stopped making cheeseburgers.”

* ” I’m not afraid. The good Lord takes care of me. If I die, I die! We gotta get this country moving. What are we gonna do? Wear masks and stay inside for another year? Where will that get us? Let’s just mail out more checks to everybody and let the country go bankrupt.”

In fact, you truly need to watch how people responded to get the full effect.
OK, currently go back as well as check out the feedbacks over. And think about that Covid -19 is projected to kill more than 410,000 Americans by the start of 2021. Assuming that estimate is about right, the coronavirus will certainly eliminate more Americans than died in World War II (291,557) as well as virtually as several as died in the Civil War (498,332).

How, you ask, provided those incredible numbers, could people not just stop at putting on a mask to avoid the spread but also question concerning whether the infection also exists?

The response is not exclusively Donald Trump,of course The surge of conspiracy theory theory-pushing message boards on dark Internet edges has actually planted the seeds of this type of reasoning. The increasing mistrust in establishments– the federal government, the church, the army, the cops– in recent years also, undoubtedly, plays a function in the promulgation of these unsafe as well as unenlightened views.

But it it also difficult to watch or pay attention to remarks like those from Trump fans in Michigan on Thursday evening as well as not see the outsized function that he has played in promoting views like those.

Trump has, by his own admission, minimized the seriousness of the infection. (He states he did so to stay clear of worrying the general public.) He has actually repetitively threatened the requirement of mask-wearing. He has actually pressed quack treatments for the infection– consisting of consuming anti-bacterials. He has actually recommended that Democrats are making the infection out to be even worse than it truly is for exclusively political objectives.

And what all of that false information as well as conspiracy-theory accepting is what Acosta recorded in 63 secs of citizen meetings on Thursday evening. And that ought to terrify all of us.

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