Politics Nigeria 3 reasons Dino Melaye's flamboyant way of life is a problem for...

3 reasons Dino Melaye’s flamboyant way of life is a problem for Nigeria

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This concern came to my mind when I saw the video of Senator Dino Melaye providing a tour of his treasured possesions that included hundreds of costly watches, art, home deluxe products, as well as a number of various other points. The over the top screen needs to generate pity, not appreciation, because it suggests he is a man managing a complicated problem. It is unneeded for a man of his standing, that declares financial as well as political fulfilment, to be looking for recognition online, from young people that can hardly pay for a dish a day. The remark area of the video states a whole lot.

Dino Melaye is no complete stranger to destitution. Fate catapulted him from a background of want as well as straight-out destitution right into a brand-new life of ton of money as well as treasures. Within twenty years, he has actually accomplished what his contemporaries, those before him as well as also lots of after him might not accomplish in their life times. Instead of utilizing his yard-to- elegance story as a favorable instance to the next generation, the Senator boasts as well as celebrates, as if to prompt his fans, many of whom live in destitution, right into anxiety. The act suggests there is a kind of vacuum cleaner in him as well as the way he looks for to satisfy is a problem for Nigeria as a whole.

It is simple to claim “let the Senator be” or“what is anyone’s business with how he spends his money” While these might stand inquiries, we should keep in mind 2 points: Dino Melaye is a politically revealed person as well as, second of all, he has a large adhering to of youngNigerians His activities have far-ranging repercussions which I will certainly attempt to clarify in the adhering to 3 points:

  1. It encourages the Yahoo Yahoo society. We can not refute that Nigeria has a fraudulencechallenge Almost every significant international fraudulence situation includesNigerians It has virtually end up being the number one company of young people, lots of of whom view it as a legitimate profession. How would certainly fraudulence not end up being a youth-culture with prominent people like Dino Melaye, in his pursuit for interest, freely romped with the notorious net defrauder Hushpuppi? The defrauder is currently cooling down in a United States jail, waiting for the penalty for his horrendous criminal offenses, as well as the Senator proceeds a staged screen of ridiculous riches that is just aped by known scammers.
  2. It places a enigma on young people in national politics. The national politics of the old has actually been one problem Nigerians jointly condemn regarding nationwide politics. Should young people that venture right into national politics not be better than the old people we scold? Yes, they should. Instead, we have more youthful people like Dino Melaye that arise from political positions to present riches in a way that buffoons the destitution of the people they offer. This act filters a message to young people coming behind:“join politics if you want to become like me” The mirror effect of this personality problem is that young people will certainly desert the pursuit genuine effort for mass motion right into national politics commercial. A better means of motivating, for a person like Dino Melaye, would certainly have been to coach young Nigerians at colleges, city center as well as the social networks to end up being champs of autonomous administration. Instead, he offers them vain messages through over the top screen of visual properties they will certainly never ever obtain in numerous life times.
  3. It enhances the harmful appetitive for materialism One of the significant inspiration for vices in the entire globe is materialism– the pursuit for more as well as more earthly properties. This pursuit encourages young people right into criminal offense as well as various other kinds of corruption. When a man of Dino Melaye’s quality constantly celebrates online he terminates up interest that is more most likely to be gone after through wrong options than not, particularly provided the financial difficulties in the nation. What lawful endeavors can his fans take part in own a portion what he flaunts? This appetite to own what he flaunts is a huge problem.

Personally, I see Dino Melaye like a tree inside the river that craves for one more kind of water– interest. He remains in a continuous race for acknowledgment as well as recognition, which is producing a quiet problem for the whole nation. His riches is not a problem; after all, he is no place near the list of the wealthiestNigerians His screen is. He fails to remember that you do not need to market riches. It materializes itself; Dangote needs not to show his ruby collections for the globe to appreciate him as well as his treasures.

Let me end by stating that there is absolutely nothing wrong in living in fulfilment with your treasures. It, nonetheless, comes to be rather offensive when you are a item of national politics. It provides a destructive impact that the only means to make it huge in Nigeria is with national politics. This alone places the future of our country in jeopardy.

I am merely oddly musing with concern for my nation.

About the writer: Abdullahi Ojoanyonu HARUNA is a public events expert, public relationships planner, as well as media business owner. He holds a Bachelor Degree in Mass Communication as well as a Masters in International Affairs as well as Diplomacy from Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, as well as an Industrial Leadership certification from the Lehigh University, Pennsylvania, USA. He is a participant of Nigeria Institute of Public Relations, the Managing Editor of the APC Progressives Magazine as well as participant of the World Bank Youth Forum.


The views as well as point of views revealed here are the personal views of the factors as well as do not show the views of the company Pulse.

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